Aug 152011

It has been a very interesting week for me and some of the techies in our group (seven of us total) who migrated to Google. There were several unexpected issues on the back-end, all of which were resolved, and all of which were very informative for the larger project. Although “guinea pig” has been used […]

Aug 082011
GroupWise to Google Transition: Day 1

This is one of those posts I’m mostly writing for myself. I’m guessing that not many people really care about my individual experience of using Google instead of GroupWise, but I need to document this so that I can be better prepared to help all of our Student Affairs units get through the process. I’m […]

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Aug 042011
Intersection of @saTech and @saComm

I had the pleasure to serve as a guest co-host on the great BreakDrink Campus Tech podcast series this week. Thanks to Laura Pasquini for the invite. She and Bruce Mann are delightful hosts, and Eric Stoller jumped in to the conversation as well (with a very nice recap of @saTechBOS, which, as you have […]

Apr 132011

I started to draft this post on March 11, and it was original titled “Personal v. Professional Online Identities.” However, a couple of recent blog posts on a very similar topic prompted me to dig this out and finish with a different title. Jeff Lail, posted on how he uses social media and then a […]